English digital DIY Lingerie Courses

Merckwaerdigh is developing a range of DIY courses for lingerie making, teaching you in an easy and understandable way to how to create your own lingerie designs!

There is the new FULL Course for Bra Pattern Drafting. You will learn how to draft all by yourself a basic Master Pattern for a bra from scratch. It is based on the teaching material of the bra drafting courses Merckwaerdigh has organised in Holland for many years in the past. For the digital bra drafting course this material is even further extended and illustrated at all the step by step instructions. The e-course is divided over 2 e-books merged together in one PDF file.
Part 1 : the master pattern in 62 richly color illustrated pages this part teaches you how you can draft a well fitting bra master pattern with the Merckwaerdigh Method. You can choose from 2 different approaches :
The master pattern in your own measurements.
The master pattern in standard measurements.
After finishing your personal master pattern you will learn how to sew a test bra and all the adjustments you can make to achieve a perfect fitting bra!
Part 2 : designing in 54 richly color illustrated pages this part teaches you step by step all the basic options to alter the master pattern into endless different bra designs.

Also available a growing series of digital Mini-Courses teaching you in an even more easy way how to design your own lingerie :
The Mini-Course are short and relatively simple courses you can do yourself at home without any tutor at your side. Each Mini-Course will include a basic MASTER pattern which saves you the time and effort to draft this yourself. The courses wil teach you how to adjust the MASTER pattern for a perfect fit for your own body. And next the rules you need to know for alterations to the MASTER pattern which will enable you to create your own designs just the way you want it! All with easy to follow step-by-step illustrated instructions.

All Courses will only be available through the Merckwaerdigh shop on the Etsy platform.

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